Hello!!! And thank you so much for stopping by! You and I have something very important in common…..

We LOVE our dogs!!!

If we didn’t, I would not be writing this, and you would not be reading it!

In many types of businesses the phrase, “It’s not personal… it’s business” may apply. But not in my line of work!In my line of work, it is VERY personal! If you are like me, your dog is like a member of your family.


So if we are going to work together to help your furry family member become the best he or she can be: to become a happy, healthy, confident, and obedient dog, than I feel it is important you know a little bit about me first.

Who I am, how I got my start in dog training, what training methods I employ, and most importantly, how I can help YOU.


I will start by telling you what I have consistently used for many years as my personal business philosophy:
“Customer’s don’t care how much you know… until they know how much you care”
It is something I had read a long time ago, and I found so meaningful, and it touched me so deeply, that it has remained ingrained in my heart till this day.


My Early History


In 1979, when I was 10 years old, after my family learned that there were some breeds we could get that would not affect their allergies, we decided to get a puppy. We knew exactly what we wanted…..
We wanted (and expected) a dog like you saw in the movies… Lassie, Benji, Rin Tin Tin, Sandy… A loving, faithful companion that obeyed every command, and never left our side.
(Yeah…. I think it is safe to say our expectations were pretty high and unrealistic!)

We took a trip to the local shelter and adopted one. We did not know much about dog training, but we figured out one thing very quickly….
Much to our shock and dismay, we learned that they do not just ‘train themselves’.

Meet Our Adopted Pup Cassie

Wow this brings back memories!! Within days of her arrival, the entire kitchen floor was lined with newspaper.The legs on the table and chairs were all chewed and she barked, cried and whined morning, noon, and night. And within weeks of her arrival, it had not gotten any better!

We all knew our Mom was reaching the end of her rope! We sought advice from anyone and everyone we knew who had ever owned a dog. And out of desperation, we went from one suggestion to the next. But all that managed to do was confuse her, and she started to act out even more!

Ultimately, our lack of knowledge and experience had major consequences… Hers proved to be more devastating than ours. I was bitten and needed stitches… She was shipped back to the shelter.

The sad truth was, it was our faults, not hers. Yet she paid the price for our mistakes.

Don’t Worry!

We have come a really long way since then!! But we shared this story with you because we felt it was very important that you know this…. You are NOT alone!!

FACT: Every time a dog is brought back to a shelter, their level of trust is reduced, causing their destructive behaviors to increase, which makes their chances of finding a forever home decrease!

But let’s face it… no one wants to come home day after day, to chaos, and the destruction of valuable things. That’s why we made our slogan: “Because training is not a luxury… IT’S A NESSESSITY!”®