Canine and Kid Safety

Canine and kid safety are our top concerns

There is nothing more beautiful than a fantastic relationship between a child and their dog. When that relationship is nurtured and cultivated correctly, it can be a friendship that will last a lifetime…. however, where the dangers come into play is when dogs are not properly trained. Suzanne’s experience as an EMT in a children’s hospital has shown her what can happen to kids if your dog is not trained properly. Our program is here to prevent these type of situations for your young ones.

Contact us to learn what you will need to know if you have a dog and toddlers. We serve Long Island and the immediate surrounding areas. Please click here to read some of Suzanne’s Articles:

A little bit about Suzanne

Suzanne, our CEO, trained as an EMT in NY, then recertified in Atlanta. She loved being an EMT and was involved with it for several years. She then worked on the “Rainbow Response Unit” at Egleston’s Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, and when not on a call, worked in the PICU and NICU. This was both a blessing as well as a heartache for her because she learned and saw so much.

Helping to create a child safety seat for ambulances was her way of making sure children who were already compromised health-wise would not be put into more danger. When Suzanne realized she could no longer be an EMT due to medical reasons, she found an alternate outlet for her desire to nurture and protect; she became a dog trainer.

This was something that was always a second love and passion for her. Now, whenever possible, Suzanne combines her passion for children and canines by working to make the world a safer place for both. Suzanne is a member of the PedSafe Expert team.